Mahtari Vandana Yojana 2024: Women will get 12000 rs, Form Started

Mhatari Vandana Yojana taken from government ladli bahan Yojana dis Yojana is provided from Chhattisgarh government Chhattisgarh government will provide every month 12000 all the womens who is eligible for these Yojana Chhattisgarh government has started this Yojana in 2024 year the government is giving to 12000 Rs to all the womens and to make them stable women can use this money to start business even if it is small business

We will provide you all the information of mahatari Vandana Yojana 2024 in this plot in detail way so you can check your eligibility apply from the official website

Mahtari Vandana Yojana 2024
Mahtari Vandana Yojana 2024

Mahtari Vandana Yojana 2024 Importance

Mahtari Vandana Yojana 2024 is from Chhattisgarh Government and it is a state government scheme to benefit the women and to help them in there business this Yojana will be every month Rs 1000rs 

Money the women can use that money in their health for personal finance for the personal business anywhere they can use this money 

will be directly transfer into your the women’s bank account to women

From this Yojana government will help to woman to increase their financial stability

Mahtari Vandana Yojana 2024 Eligibility

Mahtari Vandana Yojana 2024 it is required you are the native of Chhattisgarh state it is required that Yojana is only for the married women of Chhattisgarh state

There is also requirement age proof of that your total income hold the family will not be greater than 2.5 lakh rupees also the age of the women will be from 23 to 60 years

the Widow also can use this Yojana benefit of Chhattisgarh state

Mahtari Vandana Yojana 2024 Documents

  • Aadhaar Card: Aadhaar is a unique identification number issued by the Government of India to all Indian citizens. It is a mandatory document for availing various government benefits and services, including PMKVY.
  • Age Proof Certificate: Age proof certificate can be any document that establishes the applicant’s date of birth, such as a birth certificate, school leaving certificate, or passport.
  • Bank Account Passbook: Bank account passbook is required to verify the applicant’s bank account details for disbursal of any financial benefits under PMKVY.
  • Identity Proof: Identity proof can be any document that establishes the applicant’s identity, such as a voter ID card, driving license, or PAN card.
  • Passport Size Photograph: Passport size photograph is required for the applicant’s profile on the PMKVY portal.
  • Residence Proof Certificate: Residence proof certificate can be any document that establishes the applicant’s address, such as a electricity bill, water bill, or ration card.
  • Mobile Number: Mobile number is required for receiving updates and notifications related to PMKVY.

How to apply Mahtari Vandana Yojana 2024?

To apply for the scheme, women can visit their nearest CSC center. The CSC centers will provide them with the application form and help them fill it out.

The application form will require the following information:

  • The woman’s name, address, and contact details.
  • Her bank account details.
  • Her Aadhaar card number.
  • Her income certificate.

Once the application form is filled out, it must be submitted to the CSC center along with the required documents.

The documents required are:

  • A copy of the woman’s Aadhaar card.
  • A copy of her income certificate.
  • A copy of her bank account passbook.

The CSC center will then forward the application form to the district administration for verification.

Once the application form is verified, the woman will be eligible to receive the benefits of the scheme.

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