Navratri Colours 2023, Check all Navratri Colours 2023 List with Date and Days wise

Navratri, a vibrant and spiritually significant Hindu festival, is just around the corner in 2023. This nine-day celebration, dedicated to honoring Goddess Durga in her various forms, is marked by the use of specific colors each day. These colors not only add to the festive atmosphere but also carry deep symbolism. In this article, we will explore the Navratri 2023 colors, their significance, and ideas for temple decoration to make your celebration more special.

Navratri 2023 Colors and Dates

Sharad Navratri in 2023 is set to commence on October 15th and conclude on October 23rd, with Dussehra on October 24th. Each day of Navratri corresponds to a unique color and goddess, symbolizing various aspects of spirituality and life.

Here is the list of Navratri 2023 colors and their corresponding dates:

  1. Day 1 (October 15, 2023): Orange
    • Color Significance: Warmth, fire, energy
    • Goddess Honored: Shailputri
  2. Day 2 (October 16, 2023): White
    • Color Significance: Peace, serenity
    • Goddess Honored: Brahmacharini
  3. Day 3 (October 17, 2023): Red
    • Color Significance: Strength, power
    • Goddess Honored: Chandraghanta
  4. Day 4 (October 18, 2023): Royal Blue
    • Color Significance: Richness, serenity
    • Goddess Honored: Kushmanda
  5. Day 5 (October 19, 2023): Yellow
    • Color Significance: Learning, knowledge
    • Goddess Honored: Skand Mata
  6. Day 6 (October 20, 2023): Green
    • Color Significance: New beginnings, growth, fertility
    • Goddess Honored: Katyayani
  7. Day 7 (October 21, 2023): Grey
    • Color Significance: Unusual, elegance
    • Goddess Honored: Kalratri
  8. Day 8 (October 22, 2023): Purple
    • Color Significance: Last day of festivities
    • Goddess Honored: Maha Gauri
  9. Day 9 (October 23, 2023): Peacock Green
    • Color Significance: Kindness, harmony, affection
    • Goddess Honored: Siddhidatri

Significance of Navratri 2023 Colors 

The significance of these colors goes beyond aesthetics; they represent qualities and attributes associated with each goddess. For example, orange symbolizes warmth and energy, while white signifies peace and serenity. Embracing these colors helps invoke the blessings and qualities represented by the respective goddesses.

Temple Decoration Ideas spiritual Navratri 2023

To enhance your Navratri celebration, consider decorating your home temple with flowers and color-themed elements corresponding to each day:

  1. Orange Navratri (Day 1): Use orange and yellow marigold flowers to create a temple-style look.
  2. White Navratri (Day 2): Decorate with white tulip flowers, especially on the wall behind the mandap.
  3. Red Navratri (Day 3): Use fresh roses to create an ‘OM’ symbol or use a red chunari as a background for your temple.
  4. Royal Blue Navratri (Day 4): Decorate with blue orchids, creating a jali design background behind the idols.
  5. Yellow Navratri (Day 5): Marigold flowers are perfect for temple decoration. Consider placing them in a floating lamp in the temple.
  6. Green Navratri (Day 6): Use Ashoka/mango leaves and marigold flowers to create a traditional toran for the temple entrance.
  7. Grey Navratri (Day 7): Incorporate mirror work cloth for a lively yet subtle look.
  8. Purple Navratri (Day 8): Adorn the temple with purple drapes.
  9. Peacock Green Navratri (Day 9): Get creative with DIY wall hangings or handicrafts in peacock green and contrasting colors to personalize your temple decoration.

Navratri Colours 2023 Significance

Navratri Day Date Color Goddess Honored
Day 1 October 15th Orange Shailputri
Day 2 October 16th White Brahmacharini
Day 3 October 17th Red Chandraghanta
Day 4 October 18th Royal Blue Kushmanda
Day 5 October 19th Yellow Skand Mata
Day 6 October 20th Green Katyayani
Day 7 October 21st Grey Kalratri
Day 8 October 22nd Purple Maha Gauri
Day 9 October 23rd Peacock Green Siddhidatri


Navratri is not only a time of celebration but also an opportunity to connect with the divine through colors and rituals. By understanding the significance of Navratri colors and creatively decorating your temple, you can make this festival a spiritually enriching and visually stunning experience. Embrace the colors, embrace the goddesses, and celebrate Navratri 2023 with joy and devotion.

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